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King Avindor II Noric is the first son of Randor Noric, the King of the Noric Realm, and Zinthia Granten, a noblewoman from the defunct state the Margraviate of the West, which held fealty to the Great Sea Realm. He is the current King of the Noric Realm and head of House Noric. He is also the cousin of Helisa Baristac, the High Stewardess of Ravenal, who claims his throne.

He formally styles himself Avindor the Second of House Noric, King of the Noric Realm, Margrave of the East, and Lord of Bloom Falls and of Elderfield.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Avindor was born in 261 DA at Castle Lailo, less than a year after the Baristac Massacre, during which his uncle Avindor I was assassinated along with most of his children and grandchildren. The event was orchestrated by Valdith V, the High Steward of Ravenal. Avindor I's younger brother Randor inherited the throne of the Noric Kingdom and declared war on Ravenal, beginning the Punitive Raven War. Many states of the Great Sea Realm, most notably the Margraviate of the North and the Margraviate of the Hinterlands expressed desire to support House Noric against House Ravenal, but the leadership of the Great Sea Realm refused to join the war.

Avindor's father Randor, the new King of the Noric Realm, fought for several years against the forces of Valdith V, desperately calling upon allies from around the Great Sea, to no avail. During the war, Avindor and his mother Zinthia Granten were kept safe at Castle Lailo, the royal residence farthest from the front lines.

In 264 DA, when Avindor was three years old, his father sued for peace with Ravenal and only had to pay monetary reparations. Randor met his son for the first time when they all returned to Castle Noric, where they would live together for the remainder of their lives.

Avindor has two younger siblings, Zinthia and Soriphon, whom he befriended in childhood. While Avindor was groomed for ruling a kingdom one day, Zinthia and Soriphon got different educations, as they would eventually be married off to nobles of the Eight Realms. Zinthia eventually married Baloric Viminem, a vassal to the King of Ascath and a cruel man. Soriphon married Anaxida Tantarem, a princess of Ascath, and together they founded House Monolim, which holds fealty to House Tantarem.

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